“Maazi”, literally translated as history, first opened in the picturesque town of Matlock in 2005. Since then, it has been busy creating its very own history, frequently appearing in the local papers and dazzling its customers with new ideas.

Thanks to its heavy involvement with the local community and having recently branched out into events catering, Maazi is now not only one of the finest restaurants in the Peak District but a well known brand committed to serving the public interest.

In addition, Maazi has recently added Tuk Tuk deliveries to its list of services. This quirky type of vehicle is a common sight throughout the streets in India but can now be seen manoeuvring around Matlock town on its way to deliver a takeaway to one of Maazi’s customers.

Maazi’s fame within Matlock and the surrounding areas can be attributed to its owner, entrepreneur Irfan Shabir. After working for five years as a software engineer all over the world, Irfan decided to use his charismatic and energetic nature for the more suited career as restaurateur.

On entering the stylish restaurant, it is him who will often be the first to greet his customers, always offering a friendly smile and demonstrating a desire to do all possible to accommodate their needs.

Growing up in a family involved in the restaurant business and having worked in the industry as a student, Irfan developed an enormous passion for high standards of food and service.

These high standards are maintained by an enthusiastic and welcoming team of staff, made up from Irfan’s family as well as local residents, who will strive to ensure that your experience at Maazi is an enjoyable one. 

The team at Maazi have been doing their utmost over the last five years to provide both regular customers and newcomers with an elegant and pleasing evening and with Irfan at the helm; they rarely fail to do so.